Loving the Cubs

For 40 years I’ve watched the Cubs lose.  This year seems different.  I cannot recall the last time the Cubs had 50 wins before July 1.  Anyone want to fill me in?

I’d love to see the Cubs win it all, but I fear they will not.  I expect to see them in the playoffs; and perhaps they’ll even win their 1st pennant since 1945.   However, the American League seems too dominant. They have 13 teams playing over .500 ball. The Nat’l League has 6. The Cubs recently lost eight of nine to the A.L. (3 to T.B., 2 to BAl.,3 to WSOX).  Granted Zambrano was out for the last 2 series, but I believe he’s over-rated in any case.  Unless there’s a huge turnaround, we will all be horribly disappointed once again come October.